Enola Holmes 2020 Netflix REVIEW

The Enola Holmes Mysteries is a young adult fiction series of detective novels by American author Nancy Springer. First published in 2006 by Penguin Young Readers, The Case of the Missing Marquess, leads as the first book in the series, and likewise is the first movie in what will inevitably be a Netflix, and Legendary pictures, series of films to follow.

Millie Bobby Brown is fantastic in the lead protagonist role of Enola Holmes. She plays the enigmatic, and eccentric wild card sibling to the famous Sherlock, and Mycroft. Immediately fans of the show Stranger Things will recognize Enola as “the girl who played Eleven”. The actress is English so her accent needs no praise, it’s marvelous to hear though, and perfectly suited for this role. I look forward to seeing her in future English speaking roles with her natural accent.

Speaking of authentic accents our modern Superman is in this movie. That’s right, the Man from Uncle himself, Henry Cavill. I do begin to rip into him in this review, but make no mistake I am glad he was cast in this role, and I enjoyed seeing him play this part overall. It was a nice treat.

Henry Cavill plays Sherlock Holmes, and is dashing, albeit still too innocent, boyish, and lacking of depth as usual. Henry Cavill is great at looking good, and is a decent actor, but lacks an intelligent dark-side, that is needed for such a role.

Imagine how well Robert Downey Jr. plays these roles, not lacking the depth, inner conflict, or dark-side at all. You can imagine Henry Cavill playing OLD Super-Man from the cheesy films with Christopher Reeve (I know he was named Reeves with an S in my reality, but I’ll save the Mandala Effect rant for another day). But I can’t imagine Henry in the role of a character like Tony Stark. And he’s a cute, PG, Disney-esque, Holmes, but it’s certainly not a Sherlock that would have been capable of keeping up with the BBC series (Which was awesome). Benedict Cumberpatch, and Robert Downey Jr., are the superior Holmes, but don’t fret, Sherlock doesn’t get much screen time. And he isn’t so miscast that it disturbs the plot in any way. In fact, based on the tone of this film he is rather perfectly cast.

Speaking of the tone, this film is clearly aimed at teenage girls ages 14 to 24 I’d imagine. It has strong themes of independence, rebellion, feminism, girl power, and a very decisive direction with romance. She is in no way portrayed as the girl in love who will settle down and make a nice wife for anyone, even if she does fancy a boy.

I have not read the novels, so I cannot comment on the feminist themes in the book series, but they are touch over done in the movie. I would say that’s my only complaint with the movie. I understand what it is, who it is for, and how cheesy, light hearted, or “fun” it’s supposed to be, and it delivers on it’s intentions. I would say overall it executes it’s intentions well, and is a generally enjoyable viewing for what it is.

It has a clear appreciation for it’s source material, and the olde British ambience seems worthy of any Sherlock based story. But the girl power theme was pushed about 2% too hard, and became rather obvious, and then a tad offensive as it sought to take a strike at the male gender. A common mistake in feminism, and feminist themed media. The resolution of girl power should not rely on creating a fictional alternate reality where men are stupid, weak, cowards, helpless, incapable, or otherwise nerfed in order to make the female contribution seem all that more impactful. The abysmal Ghostbusters reboot with an all female lead made this mistake, and they wonder why it tanked. Thankfully this Netflix film does not over-do it to the point of absolute disgust, or hate-crime levels of gender handicapping.

In a perfect world with more balanced media, we’d see female roles that are quite capable in their contributions to a story in a realistic world. A world where strong men, wise men, intelligent men, still exist, and operate effectively yet do not subdue the woman, nor her contribution to the story’s resolution. The female protagonist should be written and portrayed in a way that can realistically keep up with formidable males in the same universe. Having old ladies make comments about men being helpless, and then being the physically stronger person who can break a door down, when a clearly stronger, and younger male could not? That’s just poorly written rubbish and a delusional form of feminism that could potentially hurt more than help the goal of equality.

This would be the same issue I would take with movies that have a child protagonist. They are written so unrealistically where adults are the idiots, and know nothing, but the child saves the day. Incredulous fantasy at best. Delusion inducing ego fuel for a fiery meltdown for some future adult who was deceived by kiss-ass elements in fiction, at worst.

Then again, Male dominated fiction conducted itself in the very same way for decades. Boosting the egos of young men to aspire and be strong, capable, helpful, and moral, leaders among Men. But also that they may encounter only weaker, dumber, and clumsy other men who’s fighting skills are reduced to “get punched by good guy”, and “fall down”. And of course in those same channels of fiction came the female roles that were of a conspicuous placement at times. Weaker, dumber, damsel in distress, or sexual object of desire. To be fair though, this portrayal of Women is traditionally closer to the truth than the modern TV, and Film, ritual of “dumbing dad down” which encompasses all acts of male reduction in modern fiction.

I only truthfully say that it was closer to the truth when females were dumbed down in fiction because of the truth about the times we lived in. Women in fiction, if to be portrayed realistically, would probably be dumber than even portrayed in the old Hercules / Machiste films. If you consider that females didn’t have the right to vote, read, become educated, fight in wars, become a doctor, act as a spy or secret agent, become an astronaut, or a Trojan soldier, then you must consider the realism to their confinement of such wonderful roles as daughter, sister, mother, and that’s it. The house wife, the mother, she took care of the kids, she supported the Men out doing all the stuff that stories could possibly have been made of. So without allowing for the few exceptions like Joan of Arc, or Amelia Earhart, or Cleopatra, there just wasn’t a lot of females doing interesting, or dangerous things. In fact, culture would dictate that most females wouldn’t have even WANTED, or desired in the least, to be out doing the things the Men in fictional stories do. But that’s the thing unhappy people nowadays will pick at. They will regard classic works of fiction as male-dominated fantasies with a reduced female archetype, and limited female activity. But without completely being unrealistic and LYING, you can’t have it any other way.

Does a writer have a moral responsibility to create characters of all genders, creeds, and sexuality that absolutely would not have existed in the time, place, and context of their story? Are they forced to include an extra layer of fiction on top of their fantasy that creates a larger and wider gap of disbelief? How far should we expect our audiences imaginations to stretch, just to conform to our wishes of how we think things SHOULD have been? Or should we allow the dark realism to reduce certain genders, creeds, and sexualities in a historically accurate way given the context of the time/place/and story they are in?

I think Enola Holmes is good. But if it didn’t take shots at Men, it would be great.

Going forward in America, in 2020, I think the take away from this that is most needed is to remember that we do not need to strike another down, in order to prop another up.

If we want to promote blacks, we do not need to attack whites. If we want to promote body positivity in all shapes, then we need not attack the fit, and slim. If we want to promote equality for women, we need not attack men to do it.

Until people learn the simple truth behind equality, as oppose to “Take that”, Revenge, Role Reversal, and “how do you like it”, then we will never progress as a society, only changing the hands that hold the power to harm others. We can change who is harmed, but that is not justice, nor fair, nor equality. We have to change the idea that someone needs to be harmed at all. We need to remove the harm itself, not change it’s targets.

Final Rating:


Good enough to watch once. Safe to watch with family.

Lookism : From Xenophobes to Narcissus, Hitler, Shallow Hal, and YOU.

Look-ism :

What is it? It’s just what it sounds like. It’s judging a ________(insert noun) based upon the way it looks. Why is this important? Because it’s one of the first and most convincing ways our brains decide to judge something, place a value upon it, and summarize it’s entire essence with.

Based upon visual cues only, we have learned to decide if something is safe to eat, predator or prey, friend or foe.

This hard wiring goes way deeper into our minds than our surface personality could ever choose. The design of natural selection uses visual cues to analyze and determine if a mate will be fit for breeding with. The calculations that go off in unlimited numbers, at quantum speeds, that shatter the speed of light, are unfathomable, and uncontrollable, by our conscious human minds. We make thousands of calculations about a potential mate in less than a second, a feat that isn’t readily called upon by the brain’s owner when needed.

People rarely are able to make such important decisions on purpose. Yet the brain is wired for this, it’s wired for all of this to function, with or without your permission, automatically.

This is the first line of defense for the human organism, SIGHT.The information about the environment is taken in visually as a snapshot and images are separated by all kinds of parameters. Color, shape, size, depth, width, height, these labels and more are applied to the visual data in each snapshot and sorted out to be stored in different parts of your brain. Data that is continually redundant, safe, unusable, or of no concern, is deleted like a blurry photo while information that matters is high lighted and saved. Key information that pertains to survival is locked in and not only saved but indexed for quick access later, think memory recollection (re-collect).

As this data is stored it is cross examined against the data received by your other senses so that information can be further validated or re-appropriated. For example if you saw a large rock and heard a plastic sound when you hit it with a stick your brain has now re-appropriated this item, and opened it up for a closer visual inspection, a reexamination if you will. Upon a second inspection your brain will now recognize that this is not a real rock like the other ones saved in your memory banks but this is something new. Now these new details have been saved in a special place in the brain to check against simulations, or fake versions of this item. The brain would not ordinarily have to check against fakes for this item but now has this double-check feature attached to it’s program when looking at rocks.

What does this have to do with look-ism? Everything!

The brain has made a judgment against this noun (person, place, or thing) using visuals, and has saved a predetermined judgment for future use to only be recalled by visuals once again. The only way to re-write this saved data is to be proven wrong. The brain was already proven right once so until it is proven wrong it saves it’s judgment for all things that look like this. This is a handy survival program in case of anything that looks like a bear, or a lion, or food.

If brains have been working like this since before humans had written or spoken word then we should expect to see children display these traits immediately upon birth right?

Yes. And we have seen this. Children are born with brains that make visual judgement calls from the second they start receiving light beams into the eye. Everyone is a lookist.

This means you, yes YOU reading this, are a predisposed lookist from birth. Babies are born into this world making judgments with their eyes that we can’t ordinarily fathom.

We believe judgment to be a conscious and intelligent decision made according to our preferences and tastes, which we must have developed through years of experience. The average person would scoff at the idea of a judgmental newborn, yet scientific data has returned results from test after test that babies prefer some faces over others, races over others, genders over others, and other less offensive particulars.

So are babies evil? Of course not! They are the furthest thing from it…right? I mean yes they are 100% selfish, they have no respect, no self control, they have no manners, they are racist, sexist, shallow lookists, and physically volatile creatures that throw tantrums when they don’t get what they want immediately, but no they are not evil because they are just babies.

These things we would call evil when committed by an adult, of an age we deem personally responsible for their behaviour, yet when committed by babies we don’t think of them as such offenses. Partly because babies are so helpless and tiny that we can’t take them serious, we can’t feel threatened by them, and they have no idea what they are doing, basically like a wild little animal that you have to domesticate and teach, mold into a decent person.

But what does this say about the innate human nature that we are born into? What does it say about society that we ignore the traits we are born with?

It’s a great disservice to humanity when we ignore the similarities between adult tyrants and little babies. It’s almost as if evil is an immaturity issue that could possibly be prevented through a structured upbringing. It’s also a disservice when we fail to see that the evils we are born into are more than similar to the selfish traits of the animal kingdom.

Somewhere in our group social psychology we all want to forget that, even as adults, we are just children, and even as humans we are just animals.

Well as we go on pretending and running away from our bestial biology the brain keeps doing it’s job all day, every day, regardless of how a person feels about their identity in the world.

The lookism factor is just one of several selfish animal instincts that are completely natural and serves a pro-survival purpose, but may also be one of the primal traits that we as a society are trying so hard to evolve away from. It would appear that our current attempts at evolution are primarily based in the mental processes and psychology of humans, and not as much progress biologically, physically.Much like the technological advancements of the human race have outmatched the mental advancements a thousand to one.

We are grasping at straws trying to keep up with ourselves. Each new husk we shed we forget we are still connected. We are still those stupid apes. We are still those animals in the field fighting over territory and looking for food. If we don’t address these biological artifacts then we cannot and will not honestly move forward as a society. We will be held captive by our own animal natures that we deny the true existence of. The ugly beast that served us well is now a mythological mental projection, an archetype appearing in movies and cartoons as the werewolf, King Kong, or vampires.

Did I go off track? Not really.

It’s important to realize that we must understand our biological motives before truly understanding our conscious motives. There is a reason for everything, even the most uncomfortable of human behaviors have a root in the biological instructions encoded in these fleshly vessels.

Lookism is the foremost of these archaic survival systems. Lookism is the first to engage us with our animal kingdom and will probably be the last we ever get rid of, if ever.

By acknowledging our deficits, and handicaps, we can better make adjustments to ourselves and change society.


Narcissus: the famous idolator of his own beauty who in Greek mythos turned into a plant from staring at himself for too long in the river’s reflective water. We often use the word narcissist now, thanks to this legend, to describe an unusually selfish person who has no regard for others. But what if I told you that it’s not unusual at all to be selfish and we are all like narcissus? Much like the other animal programs deep within us this one is based on survival via self preservation. One of the most primary priorities of an organism is to preserve itself, and it’s DNA, to be passed along via mating, and then possibly to ensure the offspring live long enough to have a chance at repeating the process.

Such importance is placed upon this task that there is some species of animal that will break off their own penis inside the female to make sure no other males come to mate, thus defending their DNA in a dance/battle called sperm competition. By the way, the species with a removable penis is just an insect, so don’t get too grossed out. The point is that this kind of instinct, this program, it exists in humans as well. And it’s not adapted to the new social constructs, the norms, the technology yet. We are still operating with human brain 1.0 and we are living in a 9.0 world.

The adjustments we have made to live in society are only partially being coded into our DNA through parents. Slowly we are adapting but not fast enough. The majority of our adjustments have been through discipline and training akin to doggie behavior school, there’s no real understanding.

Up until fairly recently discipline itself was totally devoid of understanding. The only thing a child understood was that if you do THIS then you get THAT, “that” being a painful form of physical reprimand ranging from a spanking to full on punching, choking, or stoning if you look back far enough.

Then if anyone got smart enough to ask WHY they can’t do THIS without getting beat upside the head they were traditionally answered with a hierarchy in the heavens that took the blame off the parents.”Because God said so” the parents would say, just as the Church/State would say to the parents, with no further explanation or examination of the problems.

This type of urge suppression therapy didn’t actually work. It only conditioned people to behave differently while other people are watching. It’s left a large void in the consciousness of modern society who is now starting to question why what they feel and do is considered wrong and what is the root cause of these urges.

The urge to self preserve is so strong that self love had to become the secondary trait to back up the survival mechanism. Self love often seen as some type of high society vanity only entrapping the rich and well-to-do is actually quite primal and archaic. As a creature growing up in a wild world where everything is out to eat you, poison you, or kill you by accident, human brains learned to only trust themselves. The first judgement was saved “Humans are better than everyone else”. The next line of logic is most dangerous “I am human”, this line of code is only re-written to include “I am human, and others are too” if one should find others that they deem to be equals. Sadly the lookism is still in effect as always, first an foremost, for all other primal codes whether mating, hunting, or picking berries. This means that people who look different are first assumed to not be human at all because they don’t LOOK like the observer.

Narcissus lives in everyone via the DNA that says WE ARE THIS and anything not this is bad. It’s a threat to the self preservation system to have humans who are different than SELF. They are competing for resources, food, mates and it drives the most primal fight or flight signals in the body crazy. This is one of the oldest biological responses tied directly into the central nervous system. This is sperm competition as well.

Females can also experience competitiveness but usually focused on one male they fight for the attention of, or competing with each other to make sure they are the top pick when males come around. But males will fight to secure mating rights in general against any male in their territory. It’s especially concerning for a male’s biological program when the competition is different than them visually. The closer in appearance the competition, the less of a threat it is to the male’s biological ego. It’s still a loss but not as much as say a alien from another planet, or a human that looks so different they could pass for one.

The fact that humans identify with themselves just the way they are is a limitation to them causing them a false threat alert to go off when encountering something new. This, among other biologically learned processes are what leads up to xenophobia, and racism.

The vanity that we see today in humans is a mix of this primal self identification, that roots itself in self preservation ( limited by lack of imagination and any ability to perceive new data until seen), and biological ego (sperm competition), along with a new psychological ego that is part of the new evolution of mankind (more mental than physical).

The problem with the narcissus program is it instinctively limits the opportunities for DNA diversity which would create superior species and not be picking from the same saturated DNA pools that have met their peaks and declines already. It’s well known that DNA too closely related will result in anything but favorable biological traits. Furthermore a study conducted on pheromones showed females preferred the sweaty scent of males who were the least genetically similar.

Females have always been wired to be more of open ended opportunists with their eggs. They use natural selection to scan out the undesirables but it’s always been in their biological best interest to get a variety of different sperm samples in order to produce the greatest odds of a superior child. Males seem to be wired for just the opposite, sure they want the diversity for their own sperm able to expend new sperm on a variety of females daily, but they are wired to not want diversity for the females eggs. After all as far as the male’s DNA is concerned it’s literally HIM AGAINST THE WORLD. The female however runs the contest that is open to the world, may the best sperm win.

XENOPHOBIA : a natural byproduct of self preservation.

Lookism is the beginning of many human directives related to primal survival skills as we have discovered. Once such survival skill, which serves as a social limitation today, is Xenophobia. The fear of that which is different, particularly so called “aliens” which is a word that means any outsider to you, and your tribe, “your” land.

But Xenophobia also means the fear of the unknown in general and that is where it all starts. When growing up in a world meant to eat you, poison you, and kill you, mankind learned to become cautious. It was literally life and death to be scared of the unknown. That irrational fear at one time was very very rational. It saved so many lives that we can’t get it out of our systems today because most everyone’s ancestors had this fear.

In the old world if you didn’t know whether something was safe or not IT WASN’T. That was it “guilty until proven innocent”. And that type of biological ignorance is what led to witch hunts and hysteria that is even sadly seen today, as humans learn all over again to behave and adjust to a new realm of the senses, the digital realm.

This survival buffer kept people from going into dark caves, walking into strange forests, and chasing after unknown animal silhouettes. It basically kept all your ancestors from doing things you see characters do on screen in horror films. Those characters display the opposite of xenophobia, they seem to be deadly curious about everything.

If this all sounds similar to the way the immune system works in the body it’s because it is. This system rejects foreigners just like in the body and seeks them out to destroy them, analyze them, and not be undertaken by whatever it is, until it is understood. Without that understanding, and without that rewrite of the program, that foreigner will forever be labeled a threat to that immune system. And it will keep setting off alarms, known as sickness, or inflammation in the human body.

Now another comparison is the firewall (speaking of digital realm). Much like the immune system you have a white list and a black list for items allowed in/out and items that are blocked. You won’t be able to access an unknown connection until it’s added to that white list. (Maybe one day there will be a change to black and white labels so as to avoid racial overtones, but for now those are the names)

Not surprisingly this biological xenophobia connects up with lookism, and sperm competition, and the self preservation system to invent racism. The most racist ideals are held by those who posses a sense of superiority (biological self love), and a sense that others who look different are inferior (“they are not human”) and that they are a threat (Xenophobia /Sperm competition/ Self preservation).

Ironically the most racist people have superiority complexes that are masking deep psychological insecurities and only covering up the simple primal biological motives for fear based survival, which is ANYTHING but superior. In fact the most inferior humans today are the ones who have the most difficulty adjusting to modern society because of all the old self preservation programs. There is nothing wrong with wanting to live and stay alive, or even fight for survival, but the old programs just don’t apply in an age of science and technology where we now know that genetic diversity is one of the key elements to actually having a superior human race.

Superior human race? Isn’t that a little Hitleresque? Why yes it is now read on…

HITLERISM : The biological motive for a superior human race.

I pointed out earlier that we are all a little bit narcissist, and that babies are born racist, and even sexist. But what if I told you we are all a little bit Hitler? Well I assume you don’t suffer from cognitive dissonance as you are able to still read on and have not broke your screen yet or clicked away to some pictures of cats that make you feel warm and fuzzy inside. So I’ll explain first by stating I know that you do not plan on gaining the approval of a country and forming an army to commit genocide based on hyper inflated racist ideals and fears. I know that. Now let me ask you something, did you know that you are a eugenicist bent on making your own DNA’s version of a super soldier? Well it’s true.

Locked inside each of us is the program to procreate, to RE-CREATE life, not just any life, but our OWN life, and not just our own life, but the enhanced version. How do we enhance it? By selecting a mate that has features (lookism) and qualities our biology can detect to create a superior offspring. The blueprint in each of us says “get the BEST child possible”.

No one has a blueprint inside them that says “take any child you can get”, or “have the weakest child possible”. Everyone’s biological motive is to have the BEST child possible. Meaning your body wants to produce a better version of itself, by mixing with the genetic variety of a carefully (quality), or randomly (quantity), selected mate.

Your biological system knows it is not perfect and must improve, it strives to be superior, to itself, and to others. Remember your biological system is not just competitive it acts on the program that it is life or death to beat out the competition, and to avoid the unknown.

You might consider this beastly part of your primal urges to be a mad German scientist who wants to experiment on various DNA combinations to get the superior one. No offense to any Jews or Germans out there. But this stuff is deeply ingrained in the psyche and the biology of everyone, so denying it will not get anyone anywhere and fast.

Entire tribes, countries, families even, have built their legacy on the claimed superiority of their own DNA and have set forth to propagate within a strict allowed mating spectrum, sometimes even limiting them to offspring within the family bloodline, all for the sake of supposed continuation of superiority. This is obviously a case of biological ego and biological ignorance. Note that humans who do this are ironically inferior to others no matter what they think or claim. This is a primal practice based in animalistic fear and tribalism.

Do you think your DNA is coded to act this way by accident? Do you think that your biological motive to produce superior offspring is just to satisfy the selfish needs of your DNA alone? Think again. You are part of a web of humanity that is ever evolving and changing and struggling to survive, if you produce better offspring then we get better humans in general, and a better environment, a better planet. Everything gets better with better genetics. This is why some people wish to control this otherwise gambling game and steer the course of destiny more toward their idea of superior. Unfortunately for a figure like Hitler this meant a single minded view of what a superior human race would look like, he only saw one version, no diversity, and in that alone he would have failed even if he was a saint instead of a mass murderer.

The truth is in order to produce a superior human race all races must become the best versions of themselves, all individual bloodlines must eradicate illnesses and things bad for survival. Then all races would have to mix and create new and unknown races until race itself was a primal notion and humanity just existed with various degrees of diversity and all had superior genetics. This is what happens when humans evolve and learn new programs that involve integration, diversity celebration, and healthy curiosity about the unknown.

For now we have to deal with that little Hitler in everyone that blindly follows its own self interest and assumes its own superiority much to it’s own detriment in the modern age.

And how did all of that relate to lookism you may ask? Well sadly it’s quite simple..if Hitler saw everyone the same, or the Jews LOOKED like he thought people should look, he never would have tried to purify the country of their DNA and purge them. Every racial atrocity committed in recorded history, no matter what other variables are present would not and could not have happened if the victims LOOKED exactly like their persecutor.

Note: The end result of looking the same but still being persecuted is class warfare which is the new psychological evolution of racism for the tyrants of today’s new world, the next phase in this line is the cliques of popularity that high society will judge you by in the digital realm.

SHALLOW HAL : The natural selection of lookism

Sorry this is not a VHS movie review of the 90’s comedy starring Jack Black. But this is related. In the movie the main character dismisses women who don’t meet his natural selection requirements, he is “shallow” as the people would call him, until one day he is hypnotized to only see the beauty of the inner person as if it was on the outside. The truth is we are all Shallow Hal. And the hypnotism comes from the processes of  love, social constructs, and some pressures to not be shallow.

Our biological motives are to find the best possible mate based on a database of criteria and looks are the first way our brains gather all this information. Once again I stress this is done without help from you. These are automated processes.

Looks can tell us all sorts of things about a person, not everything of course, and not some of the most important things in a social new world, but it can tell us MANY important things and it’s not really so shallow after all, as you will see. (To be continued in Look-ism pt. II)

When IP’s are “Done RIGHT”! (VS “Done Wrong” – and why)

What’s an IP? Intellectual Property. It’s the branding, the image, the character, the look, the feel, the story, the copyright protected work that get’s repackaged and sold to you over and over again.

Each time, a little twist, or variation, or extreme makeover is done to the IP with the hopes that you the consumer will eat it up and devour it as something “new”.

Marketers will tell you the changes made to an IP are to make it relevant, bring it to a new generation, and force the product to “catch up with the times”.

Directors, Producers, Writers, that are brought in to breathe new life into an IP will tell you they did what they could with budget restraints, and they will claim to be inspired by a new vision for the product, because they are “fans” themselves they claim.

But many times what you will see is the inevitable fingerprint left behind by each creative type that wished to stamp their own signature all over the IP, sometimes leaving nothing of the original to be found. And don’t forget those budget restraints, that really is a ball and chain to anyone who wanted to do a faithful rendition of anything good.

Without proper funding you see the typical “teen-punks-in-makeup-riding-motorcycles” cast as the main bad guys in what should otherwise be supernatural, or alien entities, yet the budget would not allow. So you end up with the ever so affordable wardrobe work up of a bad guy, that produces a post apocalyptic vibe, and looks to be something straight out of the nightmares of the greatest generation. Grandma can’t sleep at night because those 80’s punk scene kids, with their chains and spiked leather jackets, are gonna “get you”.

I could go on for days about the limitations of a Star Trek / Doctor Who budget, and how it affects the ability to produce faithful, and “good” iterations of IP’s. But that’s not what this is about. I’m sure you get the point. So let’s get into it. Who has done it wrong? Who has done it right? And why?


But first, what’s a “good” rendition of an IP? To me, this means that it appeals to it’s ORIGINAL audience first and foremost. The niche genre and it’s original followers should be considered as the main audience. Second, you want to consider bringing it to a NEW, BIGGER audience of course, for that almighty dollar. But the problems that Hollywood faced when they first started converting IP’s to movies, for instance, was learning how to think fan first, story first, and later money, and marketing. They needed to learn to TRUST the original IP, even if they didn’t get it’s appeal, without drastically changing it, and learn to have faith that if you make the product well, the money will come.

A “Good” remake of an IP has to capture the overall spirit, and essence, of the original product, story, character, whatever it is. It DOES NOT actually have to include every single detail, or specific element to be good. Some things don’t convert 1:1, esp. when crossing media platforms. Like certain elements of Castlevania, a video game, will not convert well onto screen, whether animated or not, if done literally.

But when it’s done right, IP’s can be even BETTER in many ways than their original source material! If it captures the spirit, the essence, of the product, and only makes changes that ENHANCE the look of it’s characters for the better, but still keeping it SO CLOSE to the original that the core audience is not lost in the conversion, then it will 50% more likely to be successful in my opinion.

Additionally if the story is actually IMPROVED upon and made more in depth, and more meaningful than before, again without compromise of the original essence, and core elements, then you have a winning formula.

Believe me there is a formula. But that formula isn’t an exact science, with numbers crunched in a room full of marketers who tell you “snow boarding is in right now, so let’s put the villain on a flying snow board”, it’s more of an art. It’s a soul thing, connection with the original material, then inspiration to breathe new life into a vision that serves as an homage, and as a service to the original. For those who love an IP will want to do it justice, make it shine in it’s BEST form, and SHARE IT WITH THE WORLD. That’s how you get gold. And with a platinum product you will all get very rich. Are you listening Hollywood?

As you sorely already know the world of injustice to IP’s is more common than stars in the night sky. The long history of injustice to IP’s has also produced a long history of flops, wasted money, failed marketing, unhappy fans, backlash, and a studio stigma that created a warranted hesitation to take on IP’s and turn them into movies, and TV shows.

Copyrighted characters from video-games, cartoons, comics, movies, and books, all were seen as easy money makers to the greedy money grabbers in the industry, and yet also seen as a high risk investment to the big wigs who know all too well that investing money in a IP that already has a fan base can put your company in the red.

One of Hollywood’s key weaknesses is that it HATES to do new things. It hates to take risks. It LOVES to RINSE, WASH, REPEAT. And America has proved that it’s not such a bad decision to play it safe, lame, and mediocre, when it comes to media. Because America KEEPS BUYING IT. They eat it up. Year after year the majority of (middle) Americans, who make up the bulk of the “average” index, lacking in imagination, and critical thinking, devour the same old slop every time the dinner bell rings.

Sadly, alternately, when anything NEW is set out, many average consumers shy away from it because it’s too esoteric, too exotic, too unfamiliar (example: Jim Henson’s Labyrinth was considered a flop when it came out). They almost want to know exactly what they are getting into before spending 1 penny, or 1 minute, invested into a show. Sometimes consumers even want to know the whole story and how everything will end before they go buy a ticket. (Example: The success of Rocky, and James Bond films. Yet they all are the same movie again and again.)

So how does anything new get made? By believers, visionaries, and studio’s willing to take risks. And how does anything get done right? By internal fan’s who work in the industry campaigning for an IP to be done right (thank you Ryan Reynolds). And by external fans lashing out in repugnant hate for everything done wrong, and by their silver dollars being flung with abandon at the companies who do it right.

It starts with people who really wanted to do a thing. And with the right support they can make amazing things happen (Avengers, Sin City, Castlevania). And without the right support, vision, direction, and love of the original product, it can be abysmal (Spider-Man 3, Ghost Rider, Super Mario Bros, Godzilla {1998} ).

There’s so much wrong done in the world of IP’s, that I feel I don’t even need to mention all the reasons why they are usually terrible. However here are the top 4 most common reasons:

1) Drastic Changes: This includes plot, character esthetics, character personalities, relationships, etc. (Think Michael Bay’s Transformers, and Ninja Turtles, Spider-Man by Sony, Godzilla 1998, and Masters of the Universe 1987)

2) Low Budget: Cheap special effects, cgi, makeup, action scenes, costumes. (Ghost Rider, Masters of the Universe)

3) GREED : With a motive so obviously set on money, many movies succumb to marketers and other advisers that destroy an IP with their inclusion of “stuff” that is supposed to be “cool”. (Spider-Man 3)

4) Artistic License: This could be considered similar to drastic changes, but the difference is this deals with the overall tone, and direction of the product. Is the writer, director, putting too much of their own thing into the final product and warping it into some artsy piece of work that will read like a fever dream to the original audience?  (Hulk 2003)



Things are getting better. There is hope. In fact, the inspiration for writing this article is the fact that Bumblebee 2018 did it GOOD. It got me thinking about all the IP’s that have been getting justice done to them lately (Sorry not the Justice League yet, Warner Bros. you need help). From Netflix, to Marvel, and even Fox and Sony finally starting to do BETTER, there is hope. It seems like change is on the rise, and that’s a good thing.

Don’t get me wrong it ain’t all good,you still have Nickelodeon absolutely murdering the Ninja Turtle IP. And you have greedy attempts to cash in on 80’s nostalgia with the uninspired remakes of Uncle Buck, and Macguyver. But while the hacks keep hacking and producing the same old slop without a soul, you have forerunners in the game like Adi Shankar, Ryan Reynolds, Kevin Feige, Netlfix, Fox, Sony, Marvel, Legendary Pictures.

Entities are out there helping do new but GOOD things with IP’s. The cash is following the LOVE for the product, and the quality that the love produces. Risks are inherent but rewarded. Because ultimately in entertainment I think “good” is objective and not subjective after-all. I think only the lazy ones, with shallow interests think that “good” and “quality” work can be dismissed as “opinion” and “subjective”.

Just because the slop sells, and you might make a profit, does not make it good, nor does it mean that good is subjective. I will now show you all the best and worst done to IP’s as of the last 40 years. With a focus on how GOOD things are getting in the last 10 – 20 years.

There is a trend in quality iterations of IP’s that I hope continues. And I hope that the slop comes to a stop once and for all, as people refine their palettes for QUALITY, and refuse the refuse.

I’ll start with the most recent that impressed me…

*) Godzilla 2: King of the Monsters 2019 – Live Action Film

I know this one isn’t out yet but you can already tell they are doing things right!

1) Bumblebee 2018 – Live Action Film

*) Deadpool 2: Once Upon a Deadpool  2018 – Live Action Film

*) Venom 2018 – Live Action Film

*) Spider-Man: Home Coming 2017 – Live Action Film

*) Castlevania 2017 – Present – Animated Series


*) Kong: Skull Island 2017 – Live Action Film

*) Logan 2017 – Live Action Film

*) Voltron: Legendary Defender 2016 – 2018 –  Animated Series


*) Deadpool 2016 – Live Action Film


*) Daredevil 2015 – Live Action Series


*) The Avengers 2012 – Live Action Film

Are YOU already in the Illuminati? (Here’s a Breakdown of the 13 Tier Pyramid Structure to find out)

Starting at the top you are the most evil and vile entity in existence and you want to destroy humanity. For whatever reason you cannot do it directly, you are NOT in their realm, yet you have powers and abilities to hack their realm. Whatever the reason, long distance, other dimension, evil abyss dimension, hell whatever you want to call it.

You first make contact with their world leaders. Find the smartest ones that can be turned from humanity and into serving YOU before their fellow man or any good ideal god. You make them PROVE themselves to you with various demands, sacrifices, and ritual gestures. Then you bestow upon them knowledge they can use to hack this world and create miraculous things and gain an advantage over their fellow man.

They offer you servitude for your gifts of knowledge. They seek power and eternal life. These are false promises you shall give them in exchange for helping you achieve destruction of their world and helping you cross over or whatever power you need from them.

____________________________ _______ ______ ________________________________

Second tier, you have been in direct contact with an all powerful entity that contacts you from another dimension. They have bestowed upon you knowledge and abilities that make you no longer human. Possessed, changed, and infused with whatever evil nature you have been awakened as you call it. Your years are no longer numbered as regular men. You rule for hundreds of years at a time with no equals. Using magic and sorcery to control and organize your world empire cabal. Those beneath you serve you directly and you maintain contact with the source master that gives orders and guidance.


Third tier, you have been inducted in the secret highest order of the worlds elite cult and closest to the throne of world domination than any other tier. You work directly with the Master King Wizard Lord Rex Supreme Warlock That contacts the Ancient Ones for you and your servants.

You are in charge of those beneath you and for preparing all the rituals and activities that will involve the highest tier. You are also in charge of directing world events, scanning for psychic minds, controlling the energy of the planet, and preparing sacrifices, as well as directing protection for the highest tier.


Fourth Tier you are all wizards in your own right but you serve to protect the 3rd and 4th tier and you keep the operations of the highest house running, getting victims for sacrifice, energy spells, rituals, an counsel on matters of dominion over the earth and keeping the organization in order.  Controlling the 5th tier which is many

5th tier you are the sacred guards of the HQ and house of the most elite wizards. You are the highest wizards in your own right yet perform all the duties of just guards and service men. Though you are powerful wizards there is no other that can be trusted in such high esteem in the most primary evil realm on earth

6th tier you are the maintenance of the HQ of the castle, below the guards but still higher in warlock magick skills than any outside the house. You clean, cook, assemble, fix, and are over qualified yet for such duties. You are present at the rituals which involve the house. You are higher than any world leader yet you are a slave to the tiers above you. No world leader may enter this covenant yet they are at your feet. You give them their orders through your messengers and liaisons to them. Most do not practice any kind of real magic much less that which is at your skill level.

7th tier you work directly with world leaders, the highest of the high, you are the embassador to the above 6 tiers, and relay their wishes to the world leaders, you speak on BEHALF of the house and you have more power and leverage than any world leader yet you make no orders or changes or demands on your own accord, but enforce that which is the will of the levels above you. Esp. that of the 6th and so on. You set world leaders up with food, bed, comforts, prepare them for rituals, make sure everyone is on time, clothed, properly educated, and informed to attend any higher meetings, rituals, or functions, although few would be admitted beyond their current rank and positions anyway.

8th tier: You are the world leaders in secret, the money behind the mask. You are the Royal bloodlines of the 13 families of the Illuminati. You are the royalty unheard of and beyond. Some of you are practitioners of magic for you see that it works for those of the elite and high command. Those of the chosen house of ordo. You are not known to public yet you are richer and more powerful than any men known to the public eye. You govern the visible world leaders through layers of direction and operations. Your delegates are business men and super crime families deeper and darker than the world knows. The shadow government is in your palms. But careful that you follow the instruction from the high house or they will sacrifice you at their next ritual if need be.


9th Tier: You are the Shadow Government. This is the true structure of the world behind all the visible masks. You are hidden faces, names, and leaders of leaders. You direct the puppets that take all the heat for you. You are a gatekeeper for the 8th tier so that none but YOU in the 9th and above should know anything about that which is above YOU. So just as your public puppets protect your identity and act as gatekeepers for YOU so do you act as such for all those above you. No one below you now should know about the high house of ordo. As far as anyone is concerned YOU are the “elite” you are the “highest money” and the “Illuminati” as they would say. You direct not only the visible levels of government all over the world simultaneously but also the shadow business that operates behind big business and controls government limbs for you as well. The next tier below you is the business extension of your shadow organization.

10th tier : You are the shadow business world. You are the big money behind big business that operates publicly. You are also the big money behind the public governments. As such you are the dark and evil corporations that run brand name corporations and public government business sectors. You would control the Disney, WB, Verizon, EXXON companies internationally as well as the Governments of China, USA, Germany, ISRAEL, anywhere there is policy and public money to be funneled in for higher tier operations. This dark business tier is higher than the banks of the world. The world bank is below you and answers to you and the 9th tier. You have the majority of your operations stationed in Sweden where all the worlds dark money can be accessed at any time.


11th Tier: You are the public world “leaders“*. Everyone laughs at this above you and thinks it’s a funny joke that you take all of the heat, and show your faces, and read your scripts, and misdirect all the media attention to yourselves for the global public to eat up. You ARE in charge of changing world and public policy directly but only as a matter of proxy and servitude to the higher tier. Many of you only know about the 10th and speculate on the 9th. Very few of you in your level know about any higher than the 9th tier. Your information at this juncture is compartmentalized and you may not know how the 10th tier is manipulating global events and money in another country, but you are to FOLLOW orders, and FOLLOW THE PLAN, as hard as it may be for you to do for you are bathed in ignorance. Now to secure your loyalty and high esteem in your fellowship to the elite, you are given mock rituals, mock sacrifices, and mock secret societies to join in order to keep the reigns of control tight, protect the secrets above you, and make you feel special. You are bestowed with all the things the world has to offer, and that’s about it. Not much more than what THIS world has to offer. You are not usually warlocks or magicians in your own right. You are policy enforcers, puppets, PR representatives masquerading as kings and queens of the world. You are here as gatekeepers, tools of the true powers that BE, and you are required to meet once a year in secrecy to get your orders from delegates of tier 10 or 9.  You are seduced into a world of drugs, whores, sex slaves, child trafficking, human hunting, torture, black mail, rape, orgies, and other fun stuff to keep you not only loyal but to have leverage over you so that you NEVER TELL A SECRET.

You are OUR gatekeepers to the WORLD. This is where it all begins and ends in the public eye. YOU! You are the most important gatekeepers and you must use your authority to control your media so that they keep talking about YOU. Everything must be all the names of tier 11 associates and puppets. Day in and day out you are in charge of media for your nations so that they may only see what WE and you want them to see. And you want them to see nothing but YOU. Any slip ups of information leaking will be dealt with drastically. Warnings are not common more than once. We will have you decimate yourself in the media, and if you don’t then you will probably commit suicide , or have a heart attack, stroke, or sudden case of cancer no one knew about. You know how this works don’t you? You shut your mouth and act like your in charge! But remember whose really in charge we are watching you.

You are allotted a lot of flexibility to act as guardians of our secret organization  like the ability to stage public media events, stage terror attacks, stage any news we tell you to, any news you want to stage to stay on track and keep them occupied. You have been chosen and appointed and no one must ever know that we choose you in advance. They must believe they are actually voting. IF there’s any doubt you must conduct a scandal story that leads speculation only to YOUR Level of pubic affairs. If people become suspicious about voting operations than you blame another country for interfering, hackers, faulty machines, and stage an event or media blitz to distraction.

Tier 12: Beneath the publicly visible Governments you are the MEDIA. Hollywood, Bollywood, All major magazines, publications, comics, cartoons, news, TV, radio, anything that is publicized and distributed must be cleared though YOU. You control what content is created and put out. This is very important to protect the secrets, and to control the public mind. Here we shape society into the image we want. This is how we mold them like clay. You must be somewhat knowledgeable about your own secret orders at levels 11 . There will be winks and nods and ways for you to communicate with other members and you will get direction from public officials on what to put into your content. Based on whatever our needs our at the time, we will run scripts for you to treat, and fix up. We may request specific things that MUST be included in your current tv, radio, and magazines. You are the sculptures with us on this level and your job is quite frankly to keep the populous hypnotized. Our base of operations for this level will be in Hollywood California. You will have secret meetings in an underground city we have built under the disguise of an amusement park. You will help us indoctrinate the youth with what we want, help us change the domestic dynamic of all homes in America, lead the world astray from it’s roots with our plastic western culture brainwashing. We need you to craftily inject certain ideas and symbols into all media in order to destroy everything that stands in the way of us conquering them. The human family, intelligence, loyalty, compassion, politeness, calmness, respect, peace, love, and human reproduction. All these traditional staples of human survival must be torn apart and undermined in a methodical slow manner in order to not rouse suspicion. IF we press to fast too soon the public will kick back.

You are in charge of , under the direction of level 11, dis-info, misinformation, fake news, COINTELPRO, controlled opposition, and other distractions and fake information, you are the mental gatekeepers of our secrets.

Some of you may or may not know at this level that we have advanced technology beyond that of people’s wild imaginations. We are responsible for piloted and unmanned anti gravity aircraft that is seen by many as “flying saucers” and such in the UFO communities. You are in charge of the UFO community as well . People need to think its aliens, or reject it on the notion that it is Aliens.

You will spin our lies to the public and keep everyone’s head in the ground.



13 Tier : YOU. You are all the unwittingly 13th tier of the Illuminati ultra power structure.

This is the number of the blind, the sheep, the lost souls, the zombies, the goyim, the cattle.

These are the fools that make it all possible. The 99% is the 13th Tier. The profane. Thank You level 13 for being society as we know it and shape it every day.



*11th Tier sub divisions: The 11th tier is a rabbit hole of sub-divisions that make up the governments and worlds under them to keep them running. Like education, medicine, justice, law enforcement, and national banks. These are all sub divisions but are all in and under the 11th tier level. There is no reason to consider these separate tiers as they all happen at this level. However MEDIA is it’s own tier exclusively under the 11th and separate from all the others because it is it’s own highly eccentric world.

THE LIZARD MEN of BUH LO by Francis Flagg (George Henry Weiss) 1930 WONDER STORIES short Sci Fi Story


I included the readers comments at the end to show how polite they are compared with today’s buffet of hate and criticism online. 1930’s  must have been a polite time to communicate.

Check out the full issue of Wonder Stories here : http://comicbookplus.com

Check out George Henry Weiss on Wikipedia

More of his work here at Project Gutenberg

For more info on lizard men check out these references to Reptilians in Ancient lore and Pop culture :

Wikipedia list of Reptilians in both culture and media

A Christian Conspiracy Theorists summary of it here

Here’s a video of renowned conspiracy theorist and fact-ist David Icke explaining to the equally infamous Alex Jones all about the reptilians.


Should public restrooms divide us up by genitals? Some claim we are divided up by gender, but that was never actually the point, not gender in the PC sense anyway.

People have traditionally been separated by biological gender which is their genitals they are born with. Society of course never welcomes different things that don’t fit the norm. However they were pretty laid back about obvious Gender Dressers, without any PROOF of what genitals swung or did not swing underneath. People would usually not scream and call police if there was a wig, dress, make up, pants, or whatever. But now there is a sweeping proposal to demand all restrooms be accessible to all people all the time. But how are so called “Transexuals” mixed in with this?

So in the late 80’s when a new (money making scheme) surgery came out promising to change the sex of a human, many were mislead to hopping on that idea, and began taking hormone pills under the influence of some questionable psychotherapists. It almost seems as if the Psych and the Plastic Surgery community worked together to promote an upward trend of “sex changes”.

I have to use quotes when referring to sex changes because the sex of a person is NEVER really changed. When you do a DNA test you will find out whether a person was born Male or Female. No amount of cutting, sewing, implants, and hormones will ever change that.

Traditionally in Nature, with animals, if creatures disguise themselves as the opposite gender it is usually to mate with the opposite gender. So people being kind of alarmed and cautious of this practice are in tune with natural instincts. However most “Trans” don’t claim to want to mate with the opposite sex, they claim to want to BE the opposite sex, and preferably mate with the SAME sex. SO the trickery factor is still there but the aim is a bit different.

However there is still perverts who would sleep with anything running around claiming to be gay, or trans, when in reality they are into bestiality (I refuse to spell BEAST-iality with the word BEST in it), pedophilia, men, women, anything. There is no name for them other than “TRY-Sexual” because they will TRY anything. But they never go by that identifier so many just go by the term “Gay” or “Lesbian” or “Transsexual”.

But these terms are deceiving to those who would befriend them and associate with them.  There is a certain amount of trust people traditionally place on someone’s declared sexuality and decide whether they can be around them nude, alone, or leave them with their partner, or kids etc.

The problem with these labels is you can’t  REALLY trust a GAY guy with your girl just because he’s gay. Because the true stories of women sleeping with their gay friends almost out number the stories of women sleeping with their straight friends. You have to trust someone based on THEM personally, individually.

We can’t say “oh they are ok” because “they like THIS, not THAT”. Wake up people, we live in a mixed up world, and probably always have, where people can like anything they want randomly anytime they want without fair warning. SO the next time you leave your kid alone with someone or decide to undress in front of a friend just keep in mind people are sexual and that’s the ONLY thing you KNOW. There is no such thing as a guarantee or fair warning when it comes to sexual boundaries, the fact is many people have none. And the boundaries they do have are pushed way further back than you think they are.

With this being said how can we trust anyone when we use the restroom with them?

Even Men using the restroom with Men? Women with Women? Why have we even had the genital divided model?


It seems to be based  on an old archaic assumption that straight people were straight and that’s the end of it. Black and White. Women just didn’t have the parts or desire to be with Women, and Men just would NEVER do that right???


If anything it’s MORE GAY to have a restroom full of nothing but MEN. Harkening back to the old days of GREEK BATH HOUSES. When Men were Men (wink wink). Even in the Victorian era all the fancy lads wore make up and powdered wigs do you think they had a little brotherly love in their life? You would be correct in that assumption.

George Washington was most likely a bisexual of some sort as many men in that era were. Secretly of course.

Even the macho alpha male image of the Knight serving his Queen would strike some as not being possibly gay, but what do you think they did to the Squires? Do you think Male soldiers of many different cultures had little young male side kicks because they wanted to train them? Young boys were used as sex release in the absence of women, at least that was the excuse and it was a common practice in many many cultures. To this day in Islamic countries boys are the preferred option until a man marries a woman.

SO now here in the present day we have “STRAIGHT” people acting shocked when in reality “Straight” people have NEVER been Straight. Yes many individuals are straight. But Straight people as a whole have NEVER EVER been the perfect Male to Female ONLY group that they claimed to be.

I would estimate at least 50% of all so called straight men have had encounters with the same sex. That number is even higher for so called straight women. Let’s say 70 -75% of straight women have at least KISSED another female.

And this is a number that I highly doubt has grown in the last 2,000 years. In fact I would suggest it’s about the same as it’s always been or LESS than before. People are acting like non straight behavior is new! FOOLS! It’s just that it wasn’t talked about or admitted like it is today.

And still there are people who just won’t ever say anything because of whoever they fear judging them. Religion plays a huge factor into all this. All the world’s dominate Monotheistic religions have bashed anything but MARRIED HETERO sexuality for thousands of years. Behavior didn’t really change…just the image of it did. Welcome to reality.

Sheep in denial. That’s America. That’s Humanity. You will all gather together hypocritically and try to burn effigies of your true selves. Let’s stop with the boogieman nonsense here and examine what works and what doesn’t.


Well now that we know sexuality has been FLUID, let’s examine if that matters more than Gender fluidity and is Gender fluidity even real?


I visited unisex bathrooms for the first time about 10 years ago in a “gay club”. No I’m not gay but you don’t have to be to go to a “gay club”. And you can meet some very interesting people there without a big chip on their shoulder and “something to prove” like at most Straight venues.

So at first it’s a little shock like OH REALLY? We all just go in here huh? Ok. But it doesn’t feel unnatural because of the nature of THAT LOCATION. That location can do that. Because they admit something that the rest of the world can’t grip yet. It’s NOT THE GENDER THAT MATTERS MOST IT’S THE SEXUALITY. Meaning straight women going into the restroom didn’t care if men were in there because most men there were assumed to be gay. And they don’t feel uncomfortable because they are not on that persons “hit list” or in their “cross hairs” so to speak. Women are very comfortable around men who they believe do not want sex from them and are not sexually attracted to them. Then it doesn’t matter if they have to make alarming noises, smells, or deal with any other unsightly or embarrassing issue whether it’s crying, vomiting, or having their period. And Men in general don’t seem to mind women being in a restroom as they are naturally exhibitionist anyway. Although some straight men may be uncomfortable if there was an attractive female in the restroom and they wanted to  fart and piss at the same time, or go take a stinky and noisy number 2.

Clearly some of these more gross private necessities are going to be uncomfortable around the opposite biological gender, regardless of sexual orientation. Does a man feel less embarrassed farting and pissing in front of a Lesbian or a Gay Man? I would guess it’s still more comfortable to do your business in front of a mutual biological gender sharer than it is in front of someone who shares your sexual preferences.

For instance is it more or less embarrassing for a woman to have her period and be out of tampons and have to ask a Lesbian who also has tampons and can relate, or a “Tranny” who will never have a real period a day in HIS life?

I think in the most dire times of our natural human bathroom needs, we will forever be more comfortable around our OWN biological GENDERS than with regard to any SEXUAL ORIENTATION. And make no mistake the “gender” they talk about on the news is just sexual orientation expressed outwardly. It shouldn’t matter what the person likes to hump or not , it should matter whether we have a room full of comfortable humans who can fart, shit, and piss in peace, or bleed, and stink, and cry , and vomit with the company of other shared biological gender humans.

To give another example do you really think a straight male cares whether he takes a big crap around a tranny who is obviously a man wearing make up and a wig? Or would the woman in the women’s room feel more uncomfortable around the tranny when she has to do the same?

Even the Gay Club agrees on this being a factor because even though there is unisex bathrooms there is also private genital restricted ones. Male and Female. And private single use ones. Obviously people still want to be alone sometimes and have privacy regardless of gender, sexuality, etc.

I don’t think sexuality, or Gender identity should play a role, I think you should go where you are welcome and that’s with your own genitals. With exception to an office where a Tranny wears a dress all the time, and is treated like a “her” then why not use the female restroom. However if HE decides to drop the act one day and look like a male. Where should he go? I’d say into the Mens room. Unless he is Post op and has a vagina. But then it’s like WHO CARES there is way too many variables here to give a shit. Is there really going to be an onslaught of MEN running into Women’s rooms? Or visa versa? NO!

I think people naturally mostly will gravitate to sharing restrooms with their kin. And they will naturally avoid and stray from those who make them feel uncomfortable. This means that depending on the person, and whoever else enters or is in the restroom, then choices will be made whether to wait, or proceed with their business. I don’t think gays, or straights are going to swarm restrooms even if a law was passed. Unfortunately there may be no coarse of action against a predatory male now that enters a females restroom to rape her or kill her. Likewise there is no prevention for a female prostitute to enter a mens room now and do their business. OF COURSE with that being said gay sex has been happening in straight public restrooms for decades and that isn’t going to change based on any law. It’s all location location location. My only concern is how will this affect the elderly?

Should people who grew up with more rigid ideas about gender, and sexuality be forced to share their private bathroom moments with a member of the opposite gender? No I don’t think that’s fair either. I don’t think it’s fair actually to say ANYONE has to SHARE bathroom private time with ANYONE else.

If there is any kind of law to be passed I think ultimately it should be this. There must be at least one SINGLE USE PRIVATE RESTROOM with a LOCK available for every UNISEX STALL that is available. And just leave it at that.

With all of the Fluidity of Gender, Sexuality, and Options that has been going on there is no clear way to divide people up anymore except by THOSE THAT ARE COMFORTABLE WITH PUBLIC BATHROOM USE and THOSE WHO WANT PRIVACY.

Either that or forget the laws and let people decide where they may. Just like the gay club did it ten years ago because of LOCATION. It’s relevant there, it works there, it’s what they want there. But nobody else SHOULD HAVE TO DO IT.

Like I said, if any mandatory thing is fair to pass, it’s that at least ONE PRIVATE SINGLE USE RESTROOM for anyone be available at any location no matter what other options there is . Call it option 3 if you will. Sometimes that’s the only option at places anyway. And I’m fine with that. Personally I’m comfortable in a restroom with anyone but there is benefits to keeping Men and Women separate, like guy talk, and girl talk, this is where we hetero people work out our game plans. You can’t take that away from us. That’s where we draw the line we need these game plans.



How big do you really want GOVERNMENT to get? Do you really think it’s acceptable to let BIG BROTHER have an opinion on your bathroom life? Keep in mind the tentacles of control will keep reaching for more power using “Social Injustice” as it’s excuse just like the tentacles of SPYING on you have gone above and beyond the Patriot Act and the NSA and into dark territory like TVs that WATCH YOU and cars that listen, all under the excuse of “Public Safety” and “Convenience”. Do you want to live in fear of terrorism and have to change the channel yourself or do you want to have a TV that reads your mind and a country that is safe from any bad thought? Please tell me you’d change your own damn TV and deal with the unknown factors in life like “terrorism”. How far will you let them go people? It’s up to you. Do you want to be told what to do? DO you want to be told where to pee? Literally that’s what it’s come down to. This is your most private time, personal time, and the LEFT LIBERAL GOVERNMENT wants to reach their hand all up in there. Have fun sacrificing your freedom you idiots. If you’re going to stand up for something, how about stand up for your personal boundaries and DEMAND less government.








RELIGION: In a Nut Shell

One side claims the other is the enemy and that they alone are good.
One side claims to be the TRUE GOD and the other a false god.
One side claims to be the underdog and rising hero against the other .
                                              – RELIGION IN A VERY TRUE NUT SHELL

Masculine God :

Believers in a “he” god tend to think of all “She” god stuff as Paganism, Devil worship, Satanism, Black Magic, Evil, False God, and it is “GODDESS WORSHIP” that they truly despise.

God worshippers point out that goddess worship is many times associated with Polytheism which they inherently all reject as a blasphemy against their ONE TRUE God.

Also it was a FEMALE that brought SIN into the world by accepting the “FORBADE FRUIT” as offered by a WALKING SERPENT who was also evil, and thus the story of the devil is that of a woman, a snake, and a fallen angel.

All stories from this perspective claim all things foreign are of the fallen angels, the snake, or the sinful nature of WOMEN. Animals (mother Nature) and the land is to be SUBDUED. SO He-God worshippers feel entitled to DOMINATE the earth, women, animals, and all for their RIGHTFUL LORDSHIP RULING OVER THE EARTH. As seen also in YIN YANG of TAOISM, the evil aspect of balance is the FEMININE.

And history and modern-day reality will prove that traditional Monotheism rather Mono-HE-ism is directly related to the subjugation of women and by extension children. Looking at countries that are dominated by older versions of the religion such as Judaism and Islam. Women are therein repressed and suffer domestic violence, rape, murder, and have their children taken away, raped, molested, beaten, and murdered as well. But WOMEN are seen as “evil”.

Feminine Goddess :

Believers in a “she” god tend to think of all the “he” god stuff as false, and their followers as blind slaves to lies.

A Male diety that IMPRISONS the heart, soul, and mind in a false restricted world. To them this is the monotheistic religions of Jews, Muslims, and Christians which believe in the One True God to be “HE” and a God of WAR, and yet Peace, and a God that CHOSE ONE PEOPLE, and yet loves all, and a God that says KILL YOUR ENEMIES and yet Love thy neighbor.

Godess worshipers point to the fact that many Mono-HE-istic religions are violent, repress women and children, and suppress the feminine nature in all things, including the rape and plunder of “MOTHER NATURE” which is a prime aspect of Godess worship.

They also point to the much more violent spirit of males themselves, rape and murder and thievery and power are the impulses of MEN born with MALE hormones and thus “men are evil”

Polytheism : This is the open-minded belief that there are different aspects of the creator to be enjoyed or appreciated. Not just one source of creation but many sources that may work together. They don’t take themselves too seriously as they know they are EXPRESSIONS and they merely SYMBOLIZE the divine nature in things or aspects of a supreme creator or creative force.  It is also the belief that many of these aspects are of both feminine and or male energy respectively. Female energy is not scoffed at in Polytheism, goddesses are embraced. Henotheism is still in this category as it is the recognition that one chooses their god from a list of more than one.

Monotheism*: The STRICT and self-assured belief that there is but ONE right answer and that answer is GOD, their GOD, the ONLY GOD, and the single MALE SOURCE OF ALL CREATION. Even though it is women who give birth to things, and it is feminine energy that is creative, to the monotheists it is a HE-GOD that is at the birth of the entire universe and doesn’t express HIMself in any FEMALE energy or way because that would be “SUB DOMINANT”.

*Buddhism is not true monotheism as they follow the teachings of Buddha but do not insinuate that he is the sole creator of anything nor a god.




When it comes to cosmology and how we see the world and ourselves in it, isn’t it mysterious that humans cannot seem to from an opinion without projecting themselves into it?

Humans cannot seem to imagine a deity without putting SEX on them. Gender identifying everything as if that is the end all and be all of all things.

Humans also tend to falsely personify that which is not a person. They tend to also imagine beings that are humanoid when creating ideas about beings that should have no form, or have a unkown form.

Humans are very unoriginal creatures and very selfish as well. By nature they want to fight for themselves, and only themselves, and accept only anything that is LIKE THEMSELVES. And anything UNLIKE themselves is second class or THE ENEMY!

Down to their very own set of genitalia they must be proven valid and powerful by a belief that THEIR SPECIAL traits are THEE SPECIAL TRAITS and must be BETTER than anyone elses.

From genitals, to skin color, to hair type, to family line, to neighborhood, to village, to city, to state, to country, to religion, and any other unprovable BELIEF, that they feel SELF ASSURED about, they will DIVIDE THEMSELVES and MAKE WAR.

So RELIGION like any other color coded, symbol of pride, used to IDENTIFY oneself, is merely a SELF RIGHTEOUS MIRROR in which a person REFLECTS their own SELF into an epic, myth bound, superstitious, belief based, reinterpretation of History and life itself, in order to vindicate THEMSELVES and PROVE THEIR OWN FACE SUPERIOR to another. Thus all religion stems from Insecurity NOT FAITH.

It is the insecure that must believe what story another has concocted. It is the insecure which must defend their own unprovable position. It is the insecure which choose to FIGHT, and ARGUE, and get MAD over one persons MYTH, and FANTASY or POINT OF VIEW, not mixing with their own.

It is the insecure that NEED an ANSWER and a REASON to BE GOOD or DO THE RIGHT THING as they have no moral compass of their own and fail to see the logic in good for good and that bad itself is bad.

It is the insecure that need some promise of life after death spelled out to them in a precise story so they can FEEL safe or comfort.



                            RELAX:  I’m not “Anti” whatever you are, or want to be.

I don’t mean to attack faith….but FAITH ATTACKS OTHERS, and that is when logic must step in.

From the days of countries fighting over religion to the days of last week with terrorist attacks…this world of ignorant humans are still DOING IT WRONG.
They believe wrong things, do things for the wrong reasons, lack reason, and use faith as a tool of superiority and WAR.

I know that whatever GOOD CREATIVE FORCE there is in the world, and no matter which religion is closer to the truth, that nobody’s concept of “GOD” is happy.

Nobody’s own faith conceived version of God would be pleased about the misuse and misattributions of religion. From GENDER biased beliefs to RACISM and WAR there is NO GOOD IN ANY ORGANIZED RELIGION ON EARTH!

There is nothing dangerous about faith, or belief, or spirituality, when it is done with REAL LOVE, and for LOVE, and with LOVE, and executed responsibly.

I would not choose to take away a person’s belief if I could. However RELIGION itself as a demanding authority is nothing but the work of every devil ever conceived by humankind.

The worst aspects of every human, SIN ITSELF is defended and made possible by EVERY RELIGION that has an official name and tax code registration with the UN.

From Catholic to Sunni and even The Greeks all religion has been USED as nothing more than patriotic propaganda and self righteous reasons for division , hate, and war.




IF I was a DEVIL hell-bent on the destruction of mankind and the entire planet, my FIRST and GREATEST weapon would be RELIGION itself.

And alternately if I was a great creator full of love and light that wanted nothing more than the success of Human life and of the Earth, then I would naturally want them all to exist without hang ups, without barriers, without prejudice, without war, and with nothing but Love for one another. That is all.



“Just a thought, an ACTUAL thought”

Review of Daredevil 2015 Netflix Series

This series is worth watching if you like gritty grimy low budget story lines with a street like realism to it’s violence. This series has a dark uneasy tone that does not leave you when you turn off the show. Overall I like it. I think it was a decent attempt at a Daredevil live action show. Is it perfect? No not by a long shot.

Now before I start picking this thing apart let me remind you that I DID LIKE IT, although by the time I am done picking you might not think so.

I am a man of few words when things are correct or appropriate, but if something is off I can go on for hours about the things that need correction. Only when I am “wowed” do I ramble on about what I liked or what is right. I’ll try to point out the things I liked later, but first ..the things I was underwhelmed with.

1) Charlie Cox is alright. Is he the best Matt Murdock? No. He’s good enough. It’s decent casting. It’s not the worst nor the best. I am semi neutral about him as Daredevil. I think someone a little more in shape and not such a bulbous nose would be better but now I am just being picky. He plays the part well BUT I don’t necessarily like how they don’t blind out his eyes, he has normal pupils in this show. He also gives me the impression that he is sighted for most of the show and not blind. I feel he clearly is seeing things a little too obviously.

2) The show is obviously on a limited budget. It’s just got that unmistakable first season low budget trying to find it’s wings feel. Just like the first season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer which is almost unwatchable unless your a fan, esp. if you compare it to later seasons. I have high hopes for this series and it really won’t be a series I can judge completely until it hits it’s second or third season. It has the potential to get better or cheesier with age. It lacks all the awesome amazing stunts that Daredevil did in the 2003 movie. There is no jumping off buildings and swinging around at the last minute type stuff. It’s like watching a guy in normal clothes with a black sock on his head doing parkur.

3) I actually hated the black mask suit at first until watching the show, then it made sense. Then I got used to the black mask and by the time you finally get to see the red suit you want the black crappy one back. The red suit is under whelming. There is just something lame about the red suit. I really hope they replace the red suit by season 2.  It’s horns are not pronounced enough so it looks retarded like he’s just a bald red suit dude running around with no DD on his chest.

I actually like the Daredevil movie’s suit from 2003 a LOT more than this one and I feel it did a better job of capturing the feel of that character from the comics. The red suit complaints don’t end here, I am also a little annoyed we have to wait sooo long to barely see it in the final episode. That is just stupid. Not that the suit looks great anyway. Perhaps the series is actually better without the red suit so far. It has a realism and grit to it that is almost immediately lost and replaced with cheese ball corny action the second he dons the new red suit. The mask looks retarded. I have no other words for the face and head piece of that suit but retarded.

4) No awesome cane / Grapple  cable / Sticks weapon. That’s the saddest part. He has his sticks…sometimes but there are normal sticks not connected by a cable. It doesn’t fire and let him swing or use it as a grapple weapon. Seriously this is a big sacrifice to me. What is Daredevil without his grapple weapon and swing action? This is like Spider-man without webbing. Once again the 2003 Movie out performs the TV series .

5) Marlon Fisk Brando Kingpin Shy Guy whisper freak weirdo. OK so I am pleased that kingpin looks more like the comic version now, he’s big, bald, and white. BUT I like how Greenmile played the Kingpin better in the movie from 2003. Vincent is playing Wilson Fisk as Marlon Brando almost. He keeps FUCKING whispering. Kingpin does not whisper! WTF is that shit? Then he is insecure. He plays an insecure emotional cooky version of the Kingpin who doesn’t know how to talk to girls….WTF? The Kingpin would never be shy or insecure he should always be strong and know what he wants and what his next move is even if it is the girl he loves and even if he is wrong, the Real Kingpin would have a stronger spine, more guts, more balls, and make no apologize. This kingpin is like a school yard bully that has a crush on a girl and is a shy nerd inside making uncalculated impulsive moves.

OK well that’s about it for the suck factor. So basically if they reboot the suit, get kingpin to stop being a pussy and playing the part like the gangster whisperer, and bring in the cable grapple weapon /cane, and increase the budget, provide better impossible stunts for Daredevil like in the movie, Beef up Charlie Cox and get Matt Murdock to bone Rosario Dawson already…then this show would approach near perfect.

Now for what they got right :

1) Kingpin is white. Jk it’s not that simple. He’s also bald and menacing and looks like Kingpin as much as humanly possible anyway.

2) Foggy Nelson is perfect casting. It’s fantastic. He’s a great actor

3) The relationship between Matt murdock, Foggy, and Karen..it’s done pretty well.

4) Rosario Dawson! Seriously she needs to be in this show a lot more and naked wouldn’t hurt either.

5) The action. Pretty good for shoe string budget with all “real” stunts. It’s pretty impressive to see all the real flips and kicks and working in realistic environments.

6) The heavy violence. Good job. The blood and all that should not be censored and they get that. This is a gritty dark story and world. They faithfully portray that.

7) Cussing. Yup I appreciate hearing the real words and realistic dialogue from criminals and people in the city.

8) The Story. Could be better but overall it kept me coming back.

9) Ben Urich…that was a great character and casting.

The writing has some room for improvement I notice they repeat phrases and words from different characters within the same script, sometimes it gets preachy or soap boxy, and other times it’s just characters doing narration for anyone who wasn’t paying attention. Unfortunate that characters have to explain what they are doing and how they are feeling instead of showing it . Overall it’s decent. It’s not cheesy cornball dialogue  and I give it a A for effort. It just needs to evolve and grow. I really hope this show continues and hopefully surprises me next season and gets REALLY good.

Birdman (2014) In Depth Analysis 1.0


BIRDMAN (2014)

in depth analysis

Review and Analysis copyright 2015 Mateo Verax. If quoted, or copied, please link.

The following is a list of KEY TERMS or themes that reoccur in the film and my analysis of their importance to the overall film and their connections to each other.

1) Raymond Carver


A quote by him in the beginning signifies the overall emotional THEME of the movie and the characters in the movie. The desperate need or desire to be love or admired.


The play..Also by Raymond Carver…also About LOVE. The play is truly stating something in it’s own words and title about the film..Or the film is stating something in agreement with the actual real life book written by RC and we should read it to gain a better understanding of this film. The play is “What we talk about when we talk about Love”…

This movie may be making the statement that THIS (Admiration) IS what we (Hollywood) talk about when we (actors etc.) talk about “Love”.


2) Suicide


Death and Suicide are very frequent topics explored in not only RC’s book and play but in this movie itself. A character in the book tries to kill himself more than once, even shooting himself in the mouth …very Similar to what Keaton’s character does when he shoots his nose off..(Metaphor? Cliche?)


Keaton’s character tries suicide and dances around it more than once in this film which reflects parallels to the characters in the actual RC book.


Keaton’s daughter sits on ledge…suicide Is brought up by the characters there in that scene also.


The Ending may have been the successful suicide just as in RC’s book…Ed’s Suicide attempts took 3 forms before finally taking…supposedly


3) Alcoholism


RC is a real life and well known alchy which is mentioned in this film as well.


Keaton’s daughter is an “alchy” and went to rehab as well


Ed Nor ton’s character gets belligerent and seems to have an alcohol problem as well.


Keaton’s character may or may not have an alcohol problem but seems to have some related form of delusion….


4) EGO



The ego of humans is mentioned by Keatons daughter and is written on a small piece of bathroom tissue paper…which Keaton’s wipes his mouth with literally and metaphorically he learns nothing about humility and wipes his mouth with any potential lesson about EGO.


Keaton’s EGO IS BIRDMAN the title of the movie, and a main theme of this film is his ego and how that propels him to sell everything for it. it even haunts him as a voice in his head and causes him to have delusions of super powers when he’s alone (which is also metaphor most likely,on another level) Eventually leading to narcissistic suicide as his craving for “love” or admiration take over. This craving for “love” is actually his insatiable ego…


Ed Nor ton’s EGO. His ego is the fully stuffed one which is no longer desperate but is so full and inflated that it still spews out poison due to insatiability. Perhaps “Insatiable ego ” is the real key term here.


Lead actress in play can’t come to terms with MAKING IT or failing. As her desire to be “loved” aka admired dominates her as well it’s also just her EGO fucking with her.  Not knowing she has already made it…insatiable EGO.


5) “LOVE”


(or the desperate desire to be loved/admired)



The quote at the beginning of the film gives away it’s entire premise. It’s as if those words by RC could be the words of every character in the film.


The play itself is about love entitled “What we talk about when we talk about Love”. The title is also of the book by RC and both give me the impression that what we talk about when we talk about love is NOT love at all nor do we talk about love. We talk about MANY things when we talk about Love , just like the characters in the story but Love isn’t the actual thing that is talked about. Also it’s almost telling you that you can’t talk about Love directly you have to show it or show all these other things to leave the impression of it…just like this movie itself. This movie doesn’t directly talk about Love but it’s ALL about it! That’s the entirety of almost every scene is some sort of desperation of seeking Love / Admiration.


Each character desperately seeks Love. But it’s always unrequited and it’s from an insatiable desperate ego.
*Keaton wants love from critics and fans but fails to see they already loved him as Birdman. But he doesn’t want to be loved as Birdman because he doesn’t want to identify with that. HIS EGO which IS BIRDMAN wants to be separate..hence hearing the other voice which is just his own as a separate voice.
* Nor ton’s character wants Love from his ex and can no longer get it. He also can’t get it up or be real in real life but only on stage. He wants admiration from critics not fans and even steals the inspiration from Keaton and tells the press it’s his own “RC” inspired him.
* Norton’s’ ex wants admiration and self love but cannot get it. She does want fans maybe but seems to really never get her validation that she made it. It’s the ego again. The desperation for love and that’s why she’s on stage.
*Keaton’s mistress wants his love but it’s unrequited again in this theme as he praises the lead actress in a way he never would for her. Nor did he properly love his child or ex wife as he pursued the other kind of love for himself…that Ego seeking admiration again that all characters are pursuing.
*Keaton’s daughter doesn’t want anyone’s love anymore because she didn’t get her dads…so she kind of wants that…but not really she transfers that to her desperation of making moves on Nor ton’s character and is of course UNREQUITED. SO “unrequited love” is should be another key term for this movie.
*Keaton’s ex wife just wants him to love his daughter and she already didn’t get the love she desired from him long ago…and now she even turns him down when he tries to get sentimental…also he turns from her when she is loving him again as he gets wrapped up in his own ego again.
* The critic and the Assistant director. Both also are doing their jobs in some desperate need to be admired also…although the critic wallows in it and the assistant director is seeking it in the publicity of the papers and the success of the show.

6) Hollywood

(or the ugly behind scenes* and insides of performance arts)

* Behind the scenes is literally where this movie takes place. Behind the scenes of the making of a play and all the EGOs involved in every aspect of the production from failed actors to wannabes to veterans to critics and to fans. That’s it it’s all there.


A LOT of commentary not so subtly hidden in the dialogue of the film is about Hollywood and it’s inner workings. It’s a criticism of all of it actually. It’s like a light being shined on roaches. It takes a stab at critics, or criticizes critics 🙂 and fans, and the public, and the producers, and the actors, and the entire absurd ego fueled farce that it ALL is. It’s all absurd when you look at it from behind the scenes at every angle. But the product is beautiful art and a success (hint hint). There is so much truth in that formula, that process.


The future of fame and media. This is discussed in the movie as it touches on youtube, twitter, and gets further and further away from the old stuff. Comments from characters in the movie about “this isn’t the 90’s anymore” is a message to the OLD FARTS in Hollywood that cling to the old way of doing things. and Keatons character kind of represents the OLD Hollywood fame model. Also His character Birdman represents the present. the present obsession with super hero movies.  Yet it touches on the future which is the direction of the movie as it urges a growth to take place and leave behind the past and the present for a bit of truth and real art again without regard for pompous critics that will hate a thing regardless and without regard for money making strategies but authenticity and embracing that authenticity within the new internet social media platform which is the new present and the future of PERFORMANCE ARTS itself and NOT Hollywood which might no longer be the king of the performing arts nor access to them. Fans now have the power to be your critics one by one and matter more with 80,000 followers on twitter or 350,000 views on youtube as the movie showed.


Back to EGO a bit, the desperation for ego based “love” is also apparent in today’s NEW social media. And the old ways of course resist, reject, and refuse this evolution…hence Keaton represents “the old way” which …AHA!….WILL ULTIMATELY KILL ITSELF IN IT’S EGO FUELED ATTEMPT TO ACHIEVE IT’s GOALS. SEEING ITSELF AS  FLYING OFF INTO THE SKY BUT REALLY IT WILL BE COMMITTING SUICIDE.

This movie is so deep. It’s about Hollywood (Old Way) itself, destroying itself, because of delusional ego, and resistance to participate in the authenticity, and the true art, and distribution channels, (social media) of the future.


This film shows, on a lighter and shallower surface, the behind the scenes of what it’s like to produce a show and generate good reviews, get actors, deal with issues, and please critics and sell tickets. Financial problems and all that. But that’s just the surface and not the story at all, not the meaning, that’s just the canvas for this.



 This movie is so deep. It’s about Hollywood (Old Way) itself, destroying itself, because of delusional ego, and resistance to participate in the authenticity, and the true art, and distribution channels, (social media) of the future.

  This movie is a lot of things but most of all it is a critique on Hollywood itself. It is a Hollywood masterpiece, a work of art that should be highly praised by critics, yet it is a critic OF Hollywood and the Critics that would criticize it. It’s the thing that it is talking about. And is not the things it is talking about directly. It’s a non super hero movie… super hero movie. It’s a anti critic, critic movie, that criticizes critics. It’s a Hollywood artsy masterpiece that achieves a realness and is about the struggle to achieve that. It’s a cautionary tale as well and offers good advice to all actors, actresses, directors, producers, critics, fans….it’s the ultimate diss track. It’s the “50 cent” of movies. lol


Other notes :

* Keaton’s character is hiding behind his mustache to separate himself from his identity as BIRDMAN. As mentioned and seen in the movie Birdman does not have a mustache and Keaton’s ex wife mentions him growing his out in a context that supports this view.

* Keaton’s Batman 1989 is all too similar to  Keaton’s character Riggan’s Birdman…and both are actors that refused to do another film as THAT Super hero and then suffered a practical nonexistence as a result. In many way MK is playing a character he can more than relate to in many ways.

* Super hero movies are connected even deeper by the cast with Ed Norton (Hulk) who left that franchise , and Emma Stone (Amazing Spider-Man) whose character was killed off along with that line of movies itself actually as Sony will no longer be continuing that .

* All the actors that are connected to Super hero films are survivors or ex-stars of lines of super hero films that they no longer and will never again be starring in. It’s like these are the phoenixes walking out of that fire. It’s fitting that they are all damned good actors and are in a movie that takes fires shots at that specific genre at times.

*RC’s book “what we talk about when we talk about love” Has a lot of similarities that are echoed and purposely copied in this movie.

* Riggan’s powers are eerily reminiscent of demonic possession. He hears a voice, sees things, and then things happen around him that are supernatural when he’s alone. This is not the intended perception…or is it? Is it to tell us “Old Hollywood is Possessed by it’s own EGO”

*Riggan’s powers are also certifiably schizophrenic if viewed by a medical professional.

* The fact that Riggan blows his own nose off is, obvious to me, a reference to the expression “Cut off your nose to spite your face” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cutting_off_the_nose_to_spite_the_face

* Birdman is an actual OLD super hero character that has been mocked before in animated series “Harvey Birdman attorney at law”

* The Director uses blue and yellow colors in the film to denote different related sequences like blue = fantasy. Blue and Yellow just happen to be Birdman’s colors.


Unsolved Riddle :

In what way is the true title “The unexpected virtue of ignorance” relevant to all the above?

What is the virtue of ignorance?

Why is it unexpected?